Sunday, April 1, 2012

Free digital art

I have noticed many people on line are giving away free digital art. This is my contribution to that effort. If you like it use it. I am just learning how to use digital  programs and so far this is my best go.


  1. Hi Wanda, found you via Graphics Fairy, I love your Marie creations. I am now a new follower.
    Boy would I like to be in the MAMA group but it would be way intimidating with all you very talented ladies. How does one get to be in this group anyway, just curious?
    Thank you for your freebie digital creation. I think you did a great job. Please stop by and visit us at

  2. Oh, so this is where you have gotten to! I've just found your 'new' blog. Must have missed the post where you said you were moving. I can see you've been busy, as usual. Looking forward to seeing new creations as they appear.
    Joanne. xx