Monday, February 27, 2012

Paris wall pocket made from swap supplies

 My Paris wall pocket made in the BoHo style from the supplies from my swap partner.
 I made the main roses of the print fabric she sent dimensional by cutting out ones like them and adding singed tulle and embroidering the centers with french knots and sewing them over the ones on the fabric.
 This is the pocket to the left here, I sewed the Marie image that was sent to some brown silk and added the flowers and leaves  made from ribbons.
 This shows the lace used for the bottom ruffles,  the bottom lace which is also the longest has tulips on it, and tulips were part of the floral pattern on the fabric. I cut out some of the flower motifs and let them cascade down the lace, I also used the rayon seam binding from the kit and made the swags.
 Isn't this a pretty package, I love the paper it was wrapped in. I am saving it for future crafting projects.
And here is what was in the package, as you can see it is enough for several wall pockets. Terri is always very generous, and has excellent taste.  TTFN Wanda

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paris wall pocket swap for MAMA group

 My online art group has many swaps, this is one I hosted and I had 2 partners. I have already posted the other one.
This partner likes the pinks and creams as do I, so this was a fun one to put together. 
 I so love the image of the girl in pink it works up real pretty, this one is printed on silk material, the card has French style  entredeux lace and pink and cream silk ribbon.
 The rose buds were something new I tried, I used silk ribbon and embroidered them on ribbon and voile material, I am hoping she can sew them into her design and have it look wonderful.
The other image of the girl in the pink dress also printed on silk is one of my favorites it is so delicate.
I sent 2 different rose print materials for the body of the wall pocket with some sheers and lace and a collaged piece to use as a pockt if that is what she chooses. I also sent a bag of snippits of ribbons, lace and such to use to trim her pocket. There we have it my two kits for my 2 partners for the Paris wall pocket swap. TTFN

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paris wall pocket swap for MAMA art group

 My on line art group is having a swap for a kit to make a french style wall pocket, and I am hosting the swap, this is the first time for me to host with this group. It was a fun learning experience. It is always more fun to have partners and as we had an uneven number, I got to have 2 partners. This is the kit I made for one of them.
 She choose the colors lavender, blue, and pink, no orange or puke green she said. lol.  So those were the colors I got to work with and they are some of my favorites as well. We were to include a Marie style image, and you can see the blue one in the picture to the right, I think this is such a pretty picture. I handcrafted the large blue flowers from silk ribbon,and the smaller ones from organdy. The center card holds silk ribbon to use as she chooses.
The image of the woman in the lavender dress is such a sweet one, and is in the right color so she can choose which one to use or use both.  We were to include lace, and snippets of useable trim, and some bling. So here it is I so enjoyed putting it together.  As I said I have 2 partners for this swap and I will post the other one soon. TTFN