Thursday, July 5, 2012

Glamping in our 1977 Argosy

 This is the vanity in the bodiour of our trailer. I love this part I get to change out the decor with every glamp.
 One of the bird cages I got decorated for the Boho dinning room in our tent.
 This is the seating area behind the table. The peacock feathers are from a dear friend in Mississippi, her name is Marie Antoinette, for real.She is a great cyber friend.
 A close up of one of the place settings at the dinning room table, I dyed all of the table covers and the napkins.
 A night view of the Boho dinning room.
 Our Boho dinning room. I covered the "floor" with rugs and carpets. Put up dyed lace curtains all around the inside of the tent, and dyed the chair covers. I made the pillows on the chairs.
 My favorite part of the table decor is the fabulous pink gazing ball, I so love it. The roses came from my garden.
You can see the whole tent here, we have purple twinkle  lights surrounding the tent.. It was a fun glamp and I must say everyone loved the  Boho tent.


  1. Love the Boho tent Wanda, I'm stopping by with my Boho bag for some whining and dining, lol Hugs Marilou

  2. How fabulous this is!! I want to go glamping with you!!

  3. Wanda,
    To Fab Dearest. I just love your Boho look.I did not know that it was called that.I love it.What fun to go camping in all that style./are you still out camping?
    I'm almost ready for a swap and I know what would be a good one.You enjoy yourself and be safe,
    XXOO Marie Antionette
    PS: Yes the peacock feathers look great.