Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lil' scrap of heaven swap

 I recently participated in a swap at an on line group  I belong to.  LSH.  We were to decorate and fill a cigar box with goodies. My partner likes the Shabby look and likes the color teal. Here is what I made for her. I hand crafted the flowers and used as much lace and bling as I could.

I filled it with a variety of goodies and some hand crafted tags and such.

 This is how it looked
filled and ready to send.

  I  love steam punk. this is what Lana sent me, she did such a great job. I am anxious to start learning steampunk  design.


  1. Lots of pretties there, given and received!
    I'm tagging you for a meme on my blog:
    Only if you want to, of course!!

  2. Hi Wanda! What an awesome swap! You and your partner both received some awesome goodies!

  3. Your work is so beautiful Wanda! I can only hope to make something near as lovely for you in our little swap. I'm excited though.

    Loving your talent, Edie

  4. wanda was thinking of you today as i placed my lovely baby sleeping sign up...big hugs