Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paris wall pocket swap for MAMA art group

 My on line art group is having a swap for a kit to make a french style wall pocket, and I am hosting the swap, this is the first time for me to host with this group. It was a fun learning experience. It is always more fun to have partners and as we had an uneven number, I got to have 2 partners. This is the kit I made for one of them.
 She choose the colors lavender, blue, and pink, no orange or puke green she said. lol.  So those were the colors I got to work with and they are some of my favorites as well. We were to include a Marie style image, and you can see the blue one in the picture to the right, I think this is such a pretty picture. I handcrafted the large blue flowers from silk ribbon,and the smaller ones from organdy. The center card holds silk ribbon to use as she chooses.
The image of the woman in the lavender dress is such a sweet one, and is in the right color so she can choose which one to use or use both.  We were to include lace, and snippets of useable trim, and some bling. So here it is I so enjoyed putting it together.  As I said I have 2 partners for this swap and I will post the other one soon. TTFN

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  1. Hi Wanda, What a wonderful swap you hosted. Everything looks so pretty and I am sure you all had a lot of fun. I so enjoy my pretties from you in our swap 2 summer's ago already.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Yes, Marie is a dear and close friend. I cherish her like a sister.
    Have fun my friend and enjoy the day.
    XO Celestina Marie